Nataly, 37 y.o.

We experience different emotions every day. Thoughts give rise to emotions and they are the reason for how we feel and who we feel.
It depends on our inner fulfillment. Do you feel the power of emotions in yourself?

One day you will understand what incredible power you have. There is LIGHT in you, that bright, warm, warming light of the SOUL, which, with its power, irrevocably sweeps away everything unnecessary on your way.
One day you will wake up and understand that your TENDERNESS has no limit. It disarms, envelops, heals … Heals everyone who touches you … It is in words, thoughts, eyes and even breathing …

One day you will feel LOVE … Only not that one – worn out by phrases, belonging to many, burning out with fire, bitterness, but LOVE in yourself, inside. She will heal the wounds in the deepest depths of the soul. Quietly, imperceptibly … Once and for all …
What do you feel in your heart now?

Write to me if something resonated in your soul …

P.S. your Nataly

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