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Be honest about your desires.
Do you think your partner will be able to guess that today you want something soft and tender, and tomorrow, for example, you will be ready for experiments and games? Sexologists advise frankly voicing your desires and telling your chosen one which actions you like and which ones cause discomfort. The only thing is that experts do not advise raising this topic after a hard day’s work. And it is recommended to arrange an evening of revelations on the weekend.

Get rid of stress and negativity.
No one argues that intimacy is an excellent antidepressant that helps to relax and forget about hardships. But sometimes the tension of the partners is so great that they don’t just want no love pleasures, but even simple touches and strokes.
Sexologists note that any little things affect libido, so you need to tune in to sex: do breathing exercises, take a contrast shower, listen to the right music. If the preparatory process is successful, then stunning results in bed await you, believe me!

Learn new sex techniques.
Routine sex can kill any romance and nullify all your undertakings. Many couples over the long years of living together are so fed up with intimacy with each other that they are ready to practice something new on the side at the first opportunity. To prevent this from happening, discuss with your significant other that you will start learning new ways to please your partner together or master one pose from the Kama Sutra, which may become your signature number.

Create your own special collection.
Don’t have a “about it” collection yet? Then it’s time to try something new, like putting together a collection of easy videos to help you get in the right mood. Experts, by the way, assure that a competent dosage of intimate shots or special literature can enrich your sex life and strengthen relationships with a partner. But on condition that you will watch and try together!

Go to the sex shop together.
Believe me, there is nothing scary in the adult store. So don’t think you’ll look like giggling teenagers pointing fingers at cool new things. Now in many such stores there are special consultants who know everything (and even more) about how to diversify your sex life and breathe passion into relationships. Therefore, feel free to contact for advice and review of new products. And you will definitely find what suits your couple.

Think of a common activity.
No, you should not immediately think about repairing, building a country house or redevelopment. Just think about the last time you did something together. Discuss what you could do to grow professionally together. Whether it’s a running school, yoga studio, cooking classes or yachting. The main thing is that this joint hobby should not be connected with the solution of domestic or family issues. Otherwise, romance and passion will have to be forgotten.

Visit a sexologist.
If you can’t get over yourself and still feel embarrassed to get training, practice new sex techniques, or even just cross the threshold of an adult store, then seek the advice of a sexologist. This can be face-to-face or threesome (you, the specialist and your partner). Often this is what helps to overcome the sexual crisis in a couple and diversify family life.

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