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To love all ages yield surrender — this is an old truth that is still accurate today. Nevertheless, couples with a large age difference are still scrutinized by society under a magnifying glass. However, there are differences in how the relationship will be viewed depending on the gender of each partner. If a man is ten years older than his beloved, this may be seen as somewhat normal. However, a union between a young man and an attractive older woman is an endless topic for discussion.

Despite this, young men are increasingly trying to date older women, and successful ladies often choose young boyfriends as companions. As a dating service, on the Brides4Love site, we know that relationships between younger men and older ladies are not uncommon. Undeniably, the questions of how to attract an older woman arise among men who have met an attractive and stunning lady. That is why we have decided to dwell on this topic in our post. What drives both sides to these decisions? Let’s take a closer look and define the peculiarities of such a relationship.

Sexy Older Women: What Are They Like?

When a young man looks at a sexy older woman with adoring eyes, she feels like a real beauty. As the French say: “A woman is as old as her lover.” Therefore, a mature lady always has an incentive to keep herself in perfect shape. And the vivid emotions that a young lover gives her make a woman feel psychologically younger.

A wise adult woman knows perfectly well what she wants from a relationship. Besides, she understands that love and passion are not eternal. Therefore, such relationships are often emotionally saturated, but without unnecessary drama. The young partner does not have the heavy burden of previous relationships behind him, along with less cynicism and a lack of bachelor habits acquired over the years. He strives to find an older woman for a harmonious relationship. The experience of past connections, which often complicates the life of a couple, is borne only by the woman. And this is half the risk!

Generally speaking, confident, fulfilled ladies prefer younger life partners. Next to such a woman, a young boyfriend feels special, grows up in his own eyes, and, accordingly, tries to become worthy of his girlfriend in every way.

A beautiful older woman has much more experience in all spheres; she can give valuable life advice, support her partner in difficult times, speak intelligently about any topic, and offer direction and encouragement to her younger companion.

Does age matter in a relationship when the woman is older?

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According to psychologists, sociologists, doctors, the most harmonious age difference is 5-7 years, especially if the man is older. In such couples, there is love, mutual understanding, and respect toward the spouse because the man is older and has likely already managed to achieve something in life to create a base for his future family. In such unions, a woman may not need to work, instead choosing to take care of the house and children. This type of relationship can be characterized as patriarchal.

However, from the very moment when women began to work and earn money on an almost equal level with men, roles in the family and society have undergone dramatic changes. Women have gained independence and are beginning to dictate their terms. And marriage has transformed from patriarchal into a partnership. In such unions today, you will often find partners with an age difference, and sometimes it is the woman who is older.

Attracting older sexy women is not an as complicated task as you may think. But be aware that your approach to building relationships with them should be radically different from your approach with younger girls or those of the same age. And these differences should be manifested both in the method and style of communication and your behavior. Single older women, as a rule, are self-sufficient and confident. Therefore, you should act accordingly.


If you want to attract hot older women, remember that they like confident men. Women want to see a man as an independent person who is able to cope with difficulties without outside help. If you do not feel confident enough, you need to work on yourself, or at least try to hide your insecurities.

Uncertainty, in turn, can manifest itself in a variety of ways. The most banal of them is an attempt to compliment a woman on a first date and out of place. This behavior is very similar to the actions of a teenager who does not know how to fill a conversation and clumsily flatters a woman, trying to please her. A self-confident man makes an impression, inspiring confidence in himself.

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Tatiana, 41 y.o.
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Capture her attention

To get the attention of a woman who is older than you, you must pique her interest. To do this, flaunting your expensive car, for example, will not work. A woman will not pay special attention to little things — she needs communication. Be an interesting conversationalist and try to cover all sorts of topics.

If you know what a woman is interested in, talk about it. Try to talk about literature, music, art, politics, etc. If the woman is much older than you, avoid talking about your friends and what you do with them. If you are still studying, avoid talking about it because it may make the woman think about her age and that she is older than you.

Respond to her

You should not throw compliments at older women. However, appreciate them and respond to their actions. If she laughs at something, laugh with her. If she touches you while talking, do the same. If you find her sexy, let her know about it. At the same time, try not to focus on her age. Otherwise, she may think that you are interested in her only because she is older than you. If she mentions her age, answer that you would never have guessed her real age.

Your independence

Beautiful older women value independent men who are ready to solve their problems on their own and have their own interests. Talk more often about your favorite activities, hobbies, interests, things that you have to do, etc. If you constantly talk about your friends and family, a woman may think that you have no personal life: As a man, you will cease to be interesting to her.


Your independence and self-confidence will surely attract the attention of a mature woman. If you feel like you have accomplished this, do not delay in asking her out. Tell her that you enjoy talking to her and want to continue your conversation. However, take your time and be patient. Do not schedule a date for the next evening. Invite her to meet next week: Make her think you are a very busy person, even if you are not. This will make you even more attractive to her.

Dating older women: Benefits of such relationships

These relationships can be long-term. Young men are attracted to mature women primarily for psychological flexibility: An adult lady does not feel that anyone owes her anything — she is an equal partner. At the same time, she knows male psychology very well: When necessary, she is ready to lend a shoulder or offer moral or financial support. She is also willing and able to turn a blind eye to some of your flaws.

Of course, it cannot be denied that sometimes, there is a material benefit from dating older women. But often, a man chooses an older woman not only for money, connections, and social status. Perhaps, in childhood, such men had an excellent relationship with their mother or grandmother, and, therefore, when it came time to start their own lives, they chose the most comfortable option for themselves — dating an older woman.

An intelligent woman (namely, such — smart and beautiful — as a rule, young people choose as companions) appreciates a comfortable existence. With a wise partner, any conflicts and quarrels do not cause much pain for young guys. And it is this quality that men value in such a relationship and makes them strive to meet older women.

A younger partner has much more freedom in such a union. And he realizes that such freedom is not a sign of her indifference but of mutual respect for each other’s personal space.

Young girls are inexperienced, and most of them expect cinematic romance from a partner. A mature woman thinks about how much pleasure she can give herself and her partner, and truly appreciates the joy of intimacy. It is not surprising that, first of all, young people dream of an older partner precisely in anticipation of astonishing sex. And they are generally not disappointed in this aspect of the relationship.

How to tell if an older woman likes you: Non-verbal signals

Due to societal pressure, women are often embarrassed to admit openly that they like someone and limit themselves to sending a bunch of signals in the hope that you will understand them and take the initiative. And the signs that help to understand that a mature woman likes you can sometimes be completely ambiguous.

  • She sends you signals in her body language

    A list of these non-verbal signs of interest includes licking her lips, playing with her hair, positioning her legs facing you, and so on. But these signals are not 100% reliable — sometimes people just straighten their hair or take a certain position because they are comfortable in it.
  • Her posture changes when she sees you

    When she notices you coming, does she immediately straighten her shoulders and hold in her stomach? Maybe it is just a coincidence, but usually, both men and women unknowingly try to thrust out their chests when they see someone they like.
  • She touches you (very often)

    Physical contact is one of the surest signs of interest because we enjoy touching people we like. During the conversation, did she accidentally touch your hand several times, or does she constantly hug you when you meet? Perhaps there is something there.
  • You communicate a lot on social media

    Literally all the time. You are friends on all social networks, she constantly likes and comments on your posts, and your chats in messengers do not fall silent. Yes, it may just be friendly communication, but admit it: She loves talking to you, and that is great!
  • She answers your messages instantly

    In most cases, everyone has those contacts whose messages can wait for a response until a convenient moment, as well as those whose messages we respond to immediately because it is an important person for us (or an angry boss).
  • She lets you know that she is single

    Maybe she tells you this directly, or maybe with the help of some hints. For instance, she may talk about how embarrassing it is to be alone in a café with friends when they are all in couples, or that she really wants to visit a new bar, but it sucks to go there alone, or something like that. Maybe she is also trying to find out if you have a girlfriend. Why is she interested in this? Perhaps because she likes you!
  • She tells you personal things

    If she tells you things that we wouldn’t usually say to just anyone. Maybe she shares with you her fears or dreams or touching stories from her childhood. And what is more, she asks you non-trivial questions and wants to get to know you better.
  • She offers to do something together in the future

    Maybe she asks you to go to a concert or a movie, go kart racing, or teach you how to make waffles. A woman may give such offers to people who share their interests, or it may be a date. In either case, if you like her, agree and spend a little more time together — maybe soon everything will become obvious.
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Natali, 40 y.o.
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Lina, 33 y.o.

Do unequal couples have a future?

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages for both men and ladies in a union where the woman is older:

  • increased self-esteem;
  • eternal youth;
  • life today and now;
  • no burden of the past relationships;
  • variety in sex;
  • personal growth;
  • rare conflicts;
  • independence and personal space;
  • wise friend and mentor.

We can give examples of both long and harmonious relationships, and short, passionate affairs. But the main feature of such an alliance (we are now deliberately not talking about true love) is that this type of relationship is convenient and comfortable for both a young man and a mature woman. This means that such an alliance has long-term prospects. Therefore, if you aren’t sure if you can attract older women, first of all, you should stop doubting yourself. These types of relationships are fairly common, and it is only your own doubts that might stand between you and your happiness with a mature lady.

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