Good sex is vibrant, sensual, the kind that brings all participants physical and moral pleasure, and the kind that never gets boring. How to achieve unflagging heat of passion and make all your fantasies come true so that the partner liked it too? We’ll tell you

Very often we are ashamed of our desires and cannot admit them to the other half. Or we just don’t know what can make our sex life rich and interesting. Sex experts give some important tips, following which it is easy and simple to achieve.


For couples who have been in a relationship for a long time, sex runs the risk of becoming a routine if it is strictly scheduled, using the same words and actions. When you know for sure that today at such and such an hour there will be sex, that it will start and end in a certain way, the desire is dulled. So be spontaneous: tease each other, make love at an unfamiliar time and in an unfamiliar place; get away from hackneyed hints, caresses, positions.


Everyone needs them, men and women alike. Perhaps, while you do not even realize how well you can be influenced by pleasant words from the lips of your beloved. After all, it instantly raises your mood, libido and self-esteem. So get in the habit of saying compliments and encourage reciprocal words to your address.


Yes, foreplay is important, and you should never forget it. You can always find a few minutes for sensual kisses, gentle or, on the contrary, “dirty” words and touches. If you don’t rush into friction, but pay attention to the preliminary caresses, the sex will get much better, it’s been tested.


Until a mind-reading device is invented, you have to tell your fantasies and secret desires aloud to your partner. There is no need to be afraid, believe me, she sincerely wants to know what you want. If it is difficult to find the words, send a picture or a video. Let an atmosphere of trust and openness reign in your couple.

The visibility

As we said, your other half wants to know what you like. So visually, on her body, show what kisses and caresses excite you the most, what erogenous zones she should not miss. And then let the partner will do the same. Such a game and brings you closer, and gives great pleasure.


To make sure that sex life does not become a boring routine, periodically you need to try something new. The easiest way is to change your usual location. Making love in the bedroom is convenient, but boring. Even in a small apartment you can find many other places for this: the floor, the bathroom, the table, etc. If you want to make love outside your home, it is also wonderful, but you should be careful not to fall in someone’s face and get a fine. A safe option is a hotel. Sex there, especially during the trip together, will bring a lot of pleasant emotions. And for those who are ready for more daring experiments, there are special hotels for role-playing. There are such hotels only in large cities, but isn’t it an occasion for a romantic trip?

Games and toys

But even in the native four walls you are assured an incredibly passionate night, if you decide to play role-playing games or take with you to bed a toy. Changing the usual roles on the completely opposite does not jokingly inflame the senses. It is best to approach this thoroughly: pick up costumes, think through the dialogues, and start the game not in the bedroom, but a little get used to the role of the outside. First of all, it is very interesting. Where else will the opportunity to feel like a hero of your favorite movie or book? Secondly, experts confirm that this approach will be the best prevention of boredom, cheating and breakups.

The time for two

Sometimes we forget to pay attention to the other half in attempts to finish the accumulated affairs as soon as possible, to resolve problems: do not say compliments, do not hug, do not go on a date. But because of the constant postponement of the future feelings can fade imperceptibly. To prevent this, it is important to spend time together, without children, friends, household issues. At least one night a week to devote to each other, pursue common hobbies, arrange a romantic get-together, pay attention and care.

These are just the most basic ways to keep the fire of feelings alive. But even they are enough to ensure that you do not get bored with each other and do not lose touch.

And what options can you add to the list?

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